Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update.

At Inland Imaging, we’re taking the coronavirus threat seriously. That’s why we’re implementing protocols to help minimize health risks to our patients, staff, and the community at large.


  • If you are experiencing a fever, we will be unable to perform your exam as scheduled. Please call (509) 455-4455 to reschedule.
  • If you are symptom free but your exam is not urgent, please call to reschedule. If you’re unsure about the urgency of your exam, talk to your doctor to help decide what’s best in your current situation.


In an effort to increase safety and to encourage social distancing, Inland Imaging will ask that able-bodied adult patients enter and exit the imaging center by themselves and friends/family wait in the car while they obtain their imaging study. For those adult patients that require assistance or children needing adult supervision we will allow a single caregiver/family member to accompany the patient. Anyone entering our imaging center with a cough will be asked to don a mask.

While these guidelines are designed to fit most circumstances we understand that there will always be special cases that may require a different solution. We will make every effort to safely accommodate those needs.

A greeter will meet you at the door where you’ll be screened for:

  • FEVER (You will need to reschedule for a later date). We will also be taking all patient’s and guest’s temperatures.
  • COUGH (We’ll ask you to wear a mask for the duration of your visit or reschedule for a later date).
  • DIFFICULTY BREATHING (If your exam isn’t urgent we’ll ask you to reschedule for a later date).
  • Depending on the urgency of your exam you may also be referred to a dedicated Inland Imaging center, a local Urgent Care or the ER for further evaluation.