If you are serious about your fitness and health, a number on the scale is not enough. You need the whole picture of your health. An imaging exam of your body composition—the amount of fat, lean muscle and bone in your body—is the most accurate way to know for sure if you are on track toward your fitness and weight goals. Minimum age is 20 years old. Patients under 20 years of age must have a doctor's order prior to exam.

A body composition exam is performed with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). The imaging technology uses small amounts of X-ray to capture a total image of the body. The technique measures—with pinpoint clinical accuracy—the distribution of fat, lean muscle and bone throughout the body.

A body composition test allows you to:
  • Measure total body fat percentage
  • Set and track goals for fitness and weight-loss
  • Monitor effectiveness of fitness training
  • Evaluate bone density (assess risk for osteoporosis)
Why should I get a body composition test?

Lean muscle is good. Excess fat is bad. But neither is measured accurately by weight or body mass index (BMI). The body composition exam looks beyond the scale to provide the most precise and accurate measurement of fat, lean muscle and bone throughout your body.

You not only see the exact amount of lean muscle and fat in your body, but you also learn how and where in your body the tissue is distributed, along with the factors that affect it. This complete, individualized information makes it possible to tailor your nutrition and exercise program to the specific needs of your unique body, which means you will see better, faster, longer-lasting results.

Good Fat or Bad Fat?

There are two types of fat in your body: essential fats, which are needed for the normal function of the body; and non-essential fat, which is stored in your body’s fat cells for extra energy. Your healthy range of total body fat percentage depends on several factors, including age, gender, diet and exercise level.

What should I expect?

During the exam, you will lie on your back fully clothed on a table. A DXA scanner will move over your body to take the X-ray.

A computer software application calculates the imaging results to generate a customized assessment of the body fat, fat mass and lean muscle mass for various regions, including arms, legs, trunk, and total body. Your bone mineral density (BMD) may also be analyzed for additional information about your bone health and risk for such diseases as osteoporosis.

DXA body composition exams are fast, easy and painless. A typical body composition exam is conducted in less than 10 minutes.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment for a body composition exam, please call Inland Imaging at 509.455.4455 or 1.800.826.2944. We recommend making an appointment for an initial exam and a minimum of two follow-up exams to monitor your progress toward your fitness and weight-loss goals.