Radiology Groups Come Together to Expand Imaging Services in the Inland Northwest
(Spokane and Tri-Cities, WA) March 27, 2018: Two of the most highly regarded radiology groups in the northwest are joining forces. Inland Imaging, PS, based in Spokane, and Columbia Basin Imaging (CBI), based in the Tri-Cities, are combining their professional radiology groups, effective September 2018. The new group brings together nearly 90 radiologists, making it one of the largest professional radiology practices in the Western United States. “Combining our two groups allows us to better connect our region’s medical imaging technology, expertise, and resources so that we can continue to improve the way we serve patients and their referring physicians,” said Dr. Jayson Brower, President of Inland Imaging, PS. “This partnership allows us to promote best practices and standardization while assuring that studies are reviewed by the subspecialized radiologists best equipped to read them. The ultimate winner is the patient.” CBI is a Tri-Cities based group of physicians who have provided radiology services at Kadlec Regional Medical Center for more than 30 years. “This partnership not only helps us better support radiology and imaging services throughout the region, it will also help promote the integration of services on the Kadlec campus by combining both interventional and diagnostic radiology services within the new group,” said Dr. Richard Nguyen, president of CBI. “By expanding our geographic footprint to more closely match that of our important health system partner, we are able to generate more effective ways to deliver services,” said Inland Imaging CEO Steve Duvoisin. “It allows us to see the region’s healthcare resources in a more global and holistic way. That broader point of view helps us imagine new ways to raise our quality and efficiency while holding down costs by serving more patients around the region.” Inland Imaging, PS has been operating in Spokane since 1930. The organization’s board-certified radiologists serve outpatient imaging centers, urban and rural medical centers, hospitals, clinics and private practices in Western, Central and Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. In addition, the organization’s radiologists own Inland Imaging Business Associates, a company that provides various radiology business and IT services to clients throughout the Northwest. Columbia Basin Imaging is a private practice consisting of board-certified radiologists. This group of subspecialized and general radiologists provides professional interpretations for patients of Kadlec Regional Medical Center, free-standing E.D., urgent care clinics, and physician offices. This commitment to service and subspecialization ensures that patients are always receiving the most cutting-edge medical imaging studies available today.Nike Air Jordan 1 Mens
March 1, 2018 - Inland Imaging is proud to announce that Dr. Robin Hines, has been elected president of the executive committee governing the combined medical staffs at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Providence Holy Family Hospital. Dr. Hines has been an active participant in medical leadership at both hospitals since 2013, and was instrumental in unifying the two medical staffs to streamline the administrative functions of the medical staff, but — more importantly — to improve safety and quality of care for the many patients treated at both facilities. “My role in this more integrated model,” said Hines, “is to have a foot in both hospitals, to understand how both hospitals work and support the people working in them to the best of my ability.” “Our goal is to help constantly improve standard of care, to adopt best practices, streamline policies and procedures, and take advantage of economies of scale. We here to learn from each other, respect one another, and to know what everybody’s bringing to the table in order to put patients where they’re best served. A unified medical staff structure supports timely dialogue and improvements in care across both our hospitals,” said Hines. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be the first president of this unified medical staff,” said Hines. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to help create a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.” Dr. Hines specializes in Emergency Radiology and has been with Inland Imaging since 1998. nike air max 2019 soccer