Inland Imaging is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our referring physicians by offering a wide range of support options. We offer IT support and integration as well as providing printed and digital materials to better assist in informing your patient about a procedure.

To schedule by phone, call 509-455-4455.

Order Online

To order online, a username and password is required. If you would like make orders online in the future, contact our Customer Service at 509-363-7799 to gain access to our web form.

Pre-Authorization Information

An updated list of prior authorization required by a variety of insurance companies.


A categorized and searchable database of protocols for all modalities.

Inland Imaging Professional Services

Order Materials

For the convenience of our referring physicians, Inland Imaging offers customized referral pads. The referral pads feature maps to our various locations, exam preparations, and important contact information. We do also offer a generalized referral pad for breast imaging, PET/CT referral pad and dental referral pad.

In addition to referral pads, Inland Imaging offers brochures, physician rosters, clinical indicators, and newsletters to our referring offices. If you are in need of updated materials or are running low, please contact our customer service representatives at 509-363-7799.

PACS Support

Philips iSite® PACS (formerly Stentor) is the leading enterprise-wide medical image and information management system on the market today. iSite® PACS is an innovative image and information management system that delivers on-demand, diagnostic-quality images over existing hospital networks, advanced radiology reading stations for radiologists, and "always online" long-term storage.

Philips and its flagship product, iSite PACs, continue to receive acceptance and recognition from the most respected industry analysts and business organizations. For more information visit Philips' website.

In addition to iSite, Inland Imaging also supports Imagecast RIS. The interface provides a full spectrum of capabilities for managing the administrative and clinical requirements of a radiology department—from a single organization to the complex needs of the integrated delivery network (IDN).

Built on a truly web-based architecture, Imagecast RIS is designed for economy of implementation and easy expansion among medical facilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional system architectures.

As the workflow component of IDX's infrastructure for procedural medicine, Imagecast RIS features rules-based multi-organizational scheduling, patient and image tracking, multiple diagnostic reporting options, outcome monitoring, robust interface capabilities and the following value-add options:

  • Document management
  • An integrated Mammography Administration Module (MAM)
  • An Assisted Patient Matching Module (APMM)


Inland Imaging understands that our referring physicians are busy and demand efficiency, which is why scheduling with us is set up to be as easy as possible.

Inland Imaging is dedicated to streamlining scheduling for our referring physician offices. A full-time staff of dedicated schedulers can be reached with just one phone number to meet all scheduling needs, regardless of modality.

When physician offices call our scheduling line, they are given an estimate of their time on hold and an option to leave a message if they opt not to hold.

In addition, there are real-time statistics on all scheduling systems, so that our staff can better assess the number of incoming calls and better prioritize.

To schedule a patient please call 509-455-4455.