New MRI: Open. Comfortable. Fast.

Inland Imaging will soon upgrade its MRI services with a best-on-the-market scanner that will redefine the patient imaging experience.

The Oasis, by Hitachi, is a whole-body Open MRI system that provides maximum patient comfort while delivering excellent image quality. The scanner's open design greatly improves the scanning experience for a wide array of patients, including those who are anxious, claustrophobic, large, very young or elderly.

With this new MRI machine, Inland Imaging patients will benefit from:

  • A spacious opening and 270-degree view
  • The ability to touch a friend or family member during the exam
  • Faster scanning (less time on the table)
  • A table that lowers to wheelchair height

The Oasis also features advanced imaging technology. motion compensation and high-contrast, high-detailed imaging—combined with ultra-fast scanning—make the new MRI system ideal for studying orthopedic conditions, neurology disorders, and vascular disease.

“The Oasis is the most powerful, high-field, open system available on the market today,” said Shannon Tripp, MRI manager. “It delivers the diagnostic-quality images our physicians need, but at the same time, it provides the most pleasant scanning experience.”

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