April 14, 2017 On April 14th, Inland Imaging will begin a construction and remodeling project at our Northpointe Imaging Center. We’ll be expanding our waiting room to provide patients with a more comfortable and
convenient experience. In order to accomplish that we’ll be closing our Northpointe Ultrasound department. Ultrasound exams will still be available on the Northside at our Holy Family Imaging Center.

This expansion will also allow us to upgrade our current X-ray technology and replace it with Digital Radiography equipment (DR) that will provide our patients with faster exams, lower radiation doses, and better image quality.

Finally, once the waiting room expansion is complete, we’ll be adding another 3T (Tesla) MRI Scanner at Northpointe. The 3T MRI provides the highest quality imaging available in the area and features a wide-bore for patient comfort and fit.

The expansion also means we will be able to have Radiologists on-site and available every day.

Please call Dave Durgan, Marketing Development, Customer Service Specialist, at 509.363.7742, if you have any questions.