October 16, 2016: The technology of the new 3T MRI scanner addresses everything from routine medical exams to clinical research.
Simply put, its bigger, better and faster than its predecessors. Which makes your MRI visit a faster, more comfortable, and much less-stressful experience.
One Smooth Machine.
The new 3T MRI scanner makes comfort a priority, adjusting for each individual’s body and needs. It provides much more detailed images, scanning all the major systems of the body, and can detect problems earlier than ever before. 
The 3T MRI Scanner has a fully adjustable bed that can quietly accommodate everyone
from small children to large adults. The 70cm Open Bore and short system design provides a comfortable MRI scanning experience for a range of patient sizes and conditions: children, tall, obese, critically ill, claustrophobic, those with respiratory problems, pain or mobility issues. 
“This scanner is also much faster than our previous scanners, which is helpful for decreasing motion artifact and for patient comfort.  The scanner has a larger bore and can accommodate larger patients, which means we have to turn away fewer patients due to weight restrictions.”  Dr. John Bell, Inland Imaging radiologist.
You deserve the latest technology when it comes to your health.
With a clinical capacity that ranges from orthopedics to cardiology, pediatrics, oncology and reproductive health; the 3T MRI scanner opens a new world in imaging technology for our patients.
It provides exceptional high resolution images more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This includes anatomy-specific optimization of scans for things like early detection of prostate cancer, to visualize arteries and veins, comprehensive scans of the upper abdomen, joint imaging including the spine, as well as cardio and ventricular function scans. 
For detection of cancers, it features a collection of sequences, protocols, and evaluation tools that guide through the detailed assessment of a variety of oncological conditions. It can even acquire whole body coverage in a single, continuous move.
Don’t forget to ask for your favorite color.
The new MRI scanner even provides custom mood light color options for soothing light while the scan is occurring.
They were even earth-conscious when they designed the new 3T MRI scanner.
Made by Siemens Healthineers USA, the 3T MRI scanner boasts a reduced footprint with energy-efficient lighting and power systems. This includes new “green” Eco-Chiller technology that automatically adapts its cooling requirements and decreases energy consumption by up to 50%.